Information systems are continuously generating large quantities of data. One of the main challenges for organizations today is to transform that huge amount of data in information valuable to the business. The time the traditional tools need to accomplish this transformation does not fit with today’s business dynamics, that is why we specialize ourselves in advanced solutions, that change the approach to solve this issue.

Business Intelligence Services.

We specialized ourselves in generating project with high return of investment leveraging the Cloud Computing paradigm. SAP’s business Intelligence tools allow us to develop short projects with high impact in the decision making.
SAP’s flexible cloud platform allows us to develop solutions for every kind of organization, from departmental solutions for one user to big enterprise platforms leveraging the new Big Data paradigm.
  1. Consolidation of multiple data sources
  2. Real time processing with SAP HANA
  3. Collaboration
  4. Attractive information visualization
  5. Native predictive analytics capabilities in the SAP HANA platform

Short projects with high impact in the desision making.

We specialize ourselves in providing functional and technical SAP consulting services with a comprehensive view on business processes and meeting the specific requirements of each customer. We use tested and certified methodologies that allow us to cover the entire life cycle of a management system, from implementation to maintenance, ensuring quality permanently.

SAP Consulting Services.

Our consultants have an average of 20 years experience in SAP implementations covering a wide range of functional modules and in different industries.
SAP is the market leading Enterprise Resource Management solution and allows our customers, after successful implementation, to increase productivity and improve relationships with suppliers, customers and partners. The automation of management processes achieved by SAP is the key to achieving the best results.
We cover needs in the following areas:
  1. Finance
  2. Management Control
  3. Quality Management
  4. Maintenance
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Sales and Distribution

We rely on the ASAP implementation methodology, provided by SAP and fruit of best practices in recent years. It is an agile methodology that allows us to implement the market-leading solution in the best possible times, achieving excellent return of the necessary investments.
A world-class solution for small, medium and large companies.

Every solution implementation project brings CHANGE to the organization. Managing these changes is not always treated with due importance. We have a group of professional coaches with experience in implementing systems which provide tools for managing change. Based on Ontological Coaching, these services enable organizations to transform and have tools to face the new challenges posed by the changes.

Organizational Coaching Services

A project to implement a computer system brings about a change in the organization. Managing this change should be part of any project, from planning to adapt to using new tools and processes by users.
Ontological Coaching is a process of learning and transformation, development of personal skills and aptitudes, incorporating sustainable tools, with group impact. Facilitator for the design of future and achieving desired results. Our proposal builds on the particular needs of the organization.
We provide a service tailored to each team.
  1. Construction of extraordinary results
  2. Interpersonal Relationships
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Circumventing obstacles to achieving goals
  5. Effective teamwork
  6. Integration
  7. Time Management
  8. Leadership

Because our coaches have many years of experience in different organizations we bring additional value when working with equipment Sales, Finance and Operations.

Technology platforms grew disorderly leading organizations to inefficient infrastructure and high maintenance costs. Our consulting services include methodologies to diagnose the current state of infrastructure and design a plan of improvement initiatives, continuously incorporating the latest technologies. Technology platforms need to transform themselves from a cost center to a source of value for organizations, providing high availability, flexibility and security.

IT Infrastructure Services

Amazon Web Services
We develop an orderly process for gathering and defining IT architectures based on a methodology developed by our consultants at a lot of customers in Argentina and Latin America.
  1. We work to understand the current state of the infrastructure to develop solutions that enable our clients to achieve their goals and better results.
  2. We define initiatives aligned with organizational goals based on best industry practices, redefining processes and key indicators that allow measurement of the transformation process.
  3. We support the transformation of IT to a division that provides value to the organization, leveraging business process, optimizing infrastructure and minimizing costs.

Aligning technology and processes to organizational strategy we accomplish improved results.

The digital economy is changing the the way society and its individuals interact and do business. Hyper-connectivity, the proliferation of connected sensors, unlimited computing power available in multiple service platforms, smart mobile devices to access anytime to any information, are key elements of the Digital Transformation. Businesses, of all sizes, are at the moment of redefining the way in which the will incorporate these capabilities and start their journey towards the digital economy.

Digital Transformation Services

SAP is the number 1 vendor of Enterprise Resource Planning software and has faced the transformation of its products to lead the challenges that the path to the digital economy arises. Its new product, S4 HANA, is the core of the digital businesses continuing the leadership of the well known SAP R3.

At Clever we are ready to start the journey of the transformation of our customers’ SAP platforms, starting with the SAP R3 on the SAP HANA platform, as the first step towards the S4 HANA digital core. We will allow our customers to:

  1. Simplify software and technology platforms at a lower cost
  2. Empower a mobile connected workforce to make fast decisions
  3. Connect to data, customers, partners and suppliers in real time
  4. Allow their customers to interact when they choose, in a way that is convenient to them
  5. Have technology that grows with the business and provides a competitive advantage

We know the path to succeed in the digital economy, incorporating solutions that will help our customers know their business, their employees and their customers better than ever.

The specific needs of a particular issue should be resolved by specific solutions. For this we have a group of consultants specialized in listening and understanding these particular situations, to design and implement an end to end solution. We focus on the integration of these solutions so that they allow optimizing business processes and that they add value to the organization.

Custom Development Services

We develop customized solutions in the most advanced technologies, allowing us to complete the value chain of organizations giving flexibility to the process.
We offer a variety of services integrating cell phones to company management, with adaptation and flexibility to provide real benefits through our applications, with wide range of possibilities for developing them, for the most varied situations.
  1. We use standard and advanced technologies like JAVA and .NET
  2. We develop for Android, Iphone, Ipad and Blackberry
  3. We integrate with Social Networks
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